How Do You Make a Flower Wreath For a Funeral?

Looking for ways to make your own flower wreath for a funeral? Follow this simple DIY and learn how to make a flower wreath on your own.

In this tutorial, you will need fresh flowers, a wire wreath frame and some other decorative items like leaves to add to your likings.

Let’s start now.

Steps To Make a Flower Wreath

Step 1: Choosing the Right Flower

Before that, it’s important to note that some cultures and religions such as Jewish and Islamic faiths do not traditionally receive flowers, and some cultures do not accept some flowers because of is vibrant colours.

To honour the dead, you might want to choose wisely the right colour that fits the sad and mournful mood of funerals. 

If you want to know more about every meaning of flowers or a definitive guide to choosing them, you may read here for further info.

In this tutorial, we will be using a white carnation. 

Step 2: Choosing a Wire Wreath Frame / Floral Foam Ring

Choose the right wire wreath/floral foam ring as it will be the shape and silhouette of your flowers. You can choose a heart-shaped wire wreath or the basic circular wire wreath.

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But if you want to make your funeral flowers much easier to arrange, opt for a floral foam ring in this tutorial.

Step 3: Arranging the Flowers

Follow this step to get your desired funeral flower wreath:

– Place all of your materials on the work surface and prepare the flowers and foliage. You will have to move the stems and wipe off any extra leaves.

– Round the edge of the foam that will form as the base of your funeral wreath. Push it down using a sharp knife.

– Soak the floral foam thoroughly with water, but ensure it is not so full that it drips.

– Insert the leather leaf into the floral foam while doing it at a downward angle.

– Add your carnation while ensuring they are evenly separated with some space.

– Add your spray carnation in between regular sizes.

– Cover the gaps between the flowers with greenery such as Gypsophila and Ruscus. Make sure there are no gaps anywhere.

– Take the time to inspect your wreath from all angles so that it looks like they are nestled into a large flower, a bouquet. This enables it to be viewed in every perspective.

If you wish to hang your funeral flower wreath, use wire wreath stand. You may place any picture of the deceased behind it so that the wreath acts as a floral photo frame.

As someone who wants to pay respect to the deceased loved one, you may always opt to make the funeral flower on your own. This makes it more sentimental and special to them.

After you followed up the tutorial instructions in this article, you may realise that you absolutely can do this without experience. 

You are simply required to learn the basics like how to cut the flowers, arrange them and most importantly, have enough materials to begin with. 

You may decorate the funeral wreath according to your own creativity too. 

When you are done making and decorating your gorgeous DIY funeral wreath using fresh flowers, you may use your funeral wreath at a church or any graveside services.

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