Funeral Flowers Malaysia: The Definitive Guide

Funeral Flowers Malaysia: The Definitive Guide

Losing someone can be painful. Sending your condolences to a funeral with flowers is a common way to express your sadness and sympathy to the family of the deceased.

Choosing the right flowers hopefully can help the family to provide comfort, and lift their spirits to live on.

Here is a definitive guide to choosing the best flowers to comfort those who are grieving the loss.

Choosing The Right Funeral Flowers

As flowers can convey many messages just with its colour, you must choose your flowers carefully.

White flowers represent peace and reverence while blue represent comfort and calm. Avoid green flowers as green represents health and good fortune –which is not appropriate for the funeral.

1. Gladiolus

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This flower portrays the symbol of strength which is needed to overcome the difficulties in life, as this flower sends a strong message to us, such as being a supportive person and love.

Meanwhile, the yellow colour of gladiolus might be suitable for consolation especially when you have someone that you want to comfort and needs your love during that time.

2. Lilies

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Lilies symbolise the meaning terms of renewal, where there will be new changes in your life. You must accept the changes with all your soul and heart. In which, it also means that the good changes are awaiting for you in the future.

Thus, you should be more grateful for it as they are going to make your life better than previous ones.

Meanwhile, for the white colour of lilies, it shows the symbol of purity and chastity, which also means that they represent the innocent and very pure thing.

This flower has been selected for special occasions such as weddings and births. However, you may give these white lilies to people that mean so much for you too.

3. Carnation 

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Carnation exhibits the symbol of affection, as you are trying to show how much you care deeply for them and like how much you love them too.

If you choose the pink carnation, you should know that it is a symbol of love, romance and femininity. All of these are special for you to express to the people who are special in your life.

However, for the red carnation, it means you are trying to portray your love, passion and admiration instead. This suits the best for you who actually want to give them to whom you love.

4. Daffodil & Tulips

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Daffodil flower conveys the inspirational vibe. This may appear as you receive something good for you or it can be almost from everything around you.

Nonetheless, daffodils portray the symbol of forgiveness and memory, which as far as people are concerned, both of them do not easily dwell together very much.

It is also known as renewal and vitality too, due to some reasons of the flowers itself, as it reproduces and grows bigger every spring over and over again like there is no stop.

But still, people keep looking on the bright side instead, where the flower is symbolic as renewing your energy.

White daffodils symbolize purity, innocence and spirituality events, such as baptisms.

5. Peace Lily Plants

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It is often sent to the people as symbols of you being sympathetic towards someone, especially when there is a funeral going on in the family.

The flowers express the rebirth of soul and a symbol of peace and hope, which shares this signifying chastity and purity.

6. Chrysanthemums

This flower represents the symbol of regret, transience and remembrance. People choose the pink colour of flowers to put on the cemetery stone.

Chrysanthemums might be portrayed as the symbol of romance and sincerity, as there is always a sad story following the loss of someone special and mostly taken to the cemetery.

Interesting fact, China, Korea and Japan already used this symbol of grief and death of a person.

7. Roses

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Roses become a symbol of purity, peace, innocence, spirituality and holiness. However, both pink and red colour brings a different meaning to a funeral event.

The pink colour represents elegance, youth, innocence and happiness. Meanwhile, the red roses show the passion, courage and beauty of the person.

Nonetheless, roses might become the best option to bring along to the funeral, especially the dark red ones, to portray the grief to the dead and the dead’s family.

8. Orchid Plant

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Orchids can be something like you are being thoughtful. This can be a token for you to act thoughtfully while making it as a unique flower to be given to your loved ones.

The colour of blue and white represent love and spirituality, which suits the best to bring along the flowers and give to the deceased family.

9. Hydrangea

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Hydrangea is a type of flower to be given to people as it represents the heartfelt sincerity towards the dead’s family who are still grieving.

Now you know about what kind of appropriate flowers to bring along or send the flowers for a funeral event and grieving family as a sympathy gift.

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Avoid The Wrong Flowers In Chinese Funerals

However, you should note that in Chinese funerals, there are some strict instructions.

Traditionally, Chinese funeral flowers are white and contain no red at all. In fact, to choose roses, you should choose white roses and avoid red and pink roses.

Choosing The Right Colour

To honour the dead, you may want to give cool-coloured flowers and avoid warm-coloured flowers that symbolizes happiness.

Dark-coloured flowers may fit in with the sad and mournful mood of funerals. But, in Chinese traditions, the dark flowers may make the family feel worse. Neutral-coloured flowers should be your choice.

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