Condolence Messages Examples in Chinese and English

It is always best to write accompanying condolence messages for funeral flowers on a card, most flower shops in Malaysia will help you print accordingly. Just inform your florist the messages that you like to use or ask for a recommendation if you’re unfamiliar. The message should be brief and thoughtful.

Most commonly used condolence message is Deepest Condolences, which is 深切哀悼 in chinese. 

In the west, the message needs to be addressed to the deceased instead of the family but in Malaysia, you can do it both ways. For example when Janet’s mother passed away. You can address it to “Janet and Family”. From our experience, most people will address the person they know(and their family).

As for the designs of the card, just keep it simple and colour in black and white will do.

The accompanying message is intended to give the final words or goodbyes to the deceased person. It is a significant aspect of the bereavement process. So, you need to be careful about the choice of words and show extra special care.

Below are some commonly used messages in Chinese and messages in English for your reference. There are hundreds of other messages but what we listed here are the ones we see used the most regularly by our clients in Kuala Lumpur.

Top 10 Condolence Messages in Chinese

  1. 典范长存
    Saying that the reputation and legacy of the deceased will forever be remembered. Can be used generally.
  2. 永远怀念  
    The deceased will forever be missed by the people that care about him/her. Can be used generally for everyone.
  3. 永远爱您
    Love you forever. Can be used for men or women.
  4. 节哀顺变
    Loosely translated to “I wish you to be able to contain your grief and respond properly”. While this might sound a lack of empathy in the western context, it is a very common wish among Chinese speaking culture when expressing sympathy.
  5. 深切哀悼
    Express your deepest condolences. Most popular used when sending flowers in an official capacity, such as on behalf of a company.
  6. 音容宛在
    A direct translation that saying the sound, voices and the beauty of the deceased will always be around among the people. Meaning the deceased will forever be remembered. This usually uses for women.
  7. 母范长存
    Legacy, example and legends of a mother will forever be remembered. Commonly used for mothers.
  8. 福寿全归
    Describe that the deceased had enjoyed happiness and longevity in life. Mostly used for men.
  9. 安息主怀
    Roughly translate to rest in peace among God. Usually used for Christians.
  10. 极乐升天
    Wishes that the deceased had left for a better place, i.e heaven. Mostly used for religious people, like Buddhists.

Condolence Messages
Deepest Condolences

Top 10 Condolence Messages in English

The most frequently used messages used in KL are a variety of the following messages.

When addressing the deceased

    1. With love and fond memories
    2. Always in our thoughts
    3. Dear, may you rest in peace
    4. Always loved and never forgotten
    5. In loving memory of a dear friend.
    6. You will be sorely missed.

When addressing the family

  1. Extremely sorry to hear about your loss.
  2. Rest in peace
  3. Deepest Condolences
  4. Warm and heartfelt sympathy

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