5 Helpful Guide about Wedding Flowers

Getting anxious because of the confusing and complex wedding planning? Follows these short tips when preparing for wedding flowers.

Guide for Wedding Flowers

1. Start Plan Early
2. Be flexible
3. Reuse existing decorations
4. Smells matters
5. Trust your florist

Wedding Car with Fresh Flowers Deco

  1. Start Plan Early

It is essential for you to start planning your wedding flowers concurrently with the overall designs and themes. You do not want to have a centrepiece that looks out of place in the middle of the table. Starting early will ensure they are in the overall plan in term of design and budget.

  1. Be Flexible

Brides to be very often will have the fantasy of their wedding day. You have thought about exactly what type of flowers, what music, what colour, etc that you want on that special day and you are not going to settle for second options.

We suggest you be a little bit flexible because in a wedding/event everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Not all things are predictable and a little flexibility will go a long way. For example, insisting on using imported flowers like a peony in Malaysia might be difficult at a certain time. This seasonal flower is imported only and supply is not consistent. Having a second/third choice will ensure you will have freshest and best-looking flowers the market have to offer.

  1. Reuse existing decoration/arrangement

This is very often something everyone dismissed outright. We said, be open-minded about it.

Very often a venue will have their existing props, or they will include some arrangements for the banquet. Ask them about the designs, ask for pictures then talk to your floral designer on whether you can incorporate them into your theme. These simple steps could potentially be a big help especially when you’re  running on a budget.

  1. Size & Smells Matters

Besides the designs, talk to your floral designer about the placement, and the size of the arrangement. Do the flowers block the video camera view? Does it obstruct the walkway? It is best to avoid scented flowers on the table too. You never know which of your guest are allergic or just dislike the smell.

  1. Trust Your Florist

Finally, once you have chosen your floral designer/florist. Trust them. Plan with them and communicates clearly to them on the feel and looks that you like to have and trust them to come up with the designs. Give them some freedom to express their creativity to have the best results. You’ ll be less stressful too!

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